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Creation Story

Sabir started working in the construction industry when he was just 13 years old in Nicaragua. His first gig was working in his uncle's lumber yard; selling, prepping, and taking inventory. He learned about contractors and how they work, what they want, and how to negotiate with them. It wasn't long before he started working in general construction. He learned everything from cement to dry wall to framing. And digging. He got lots of practice digging.

During this time he was involved in a community center learning salsa dance, choral music, and even trombone. As he grew as a musician and leader, so did his opportunities. At 18 he became an educational specialist for Musica en los Barrios, teaching classroom teachers how to use music and dance in the classroom.

After marrying Kim in 2005 he immigrated to the U.S. where it took a couple of years to learn english and acclimate to his new life and culture while working in construction. In 2009 he got a staff position at a plumbing company. He quickly grew a reputation for quality, integrity, and reliability. After 10 years of experience with multiple companies, trainings, and certifications he partnered with Kim to start Xtreme Plumbing Services. From the local plumbing companies and general contractors he has worked with, he learned a few things, some good and some bad and from those experiences he always knew that he wanted his plumbing practice to stand out from the rest due to his commitment to excellence and professionalism.

Buying, remodeling, and flipping her first house at 24, Kim brings 20 years of both construction and media and event production services to the table. She has vast experience project managing large crews, construction projects, multi-million dollar budgets, as well as client expectations. She is the perfect compliment to Sabir.


Our Team

We adhere to Stephen Covey's philosophy: "Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your customers."

Another thing we learned in our combined 40 years of experience is the importance of team work and caring for employees. No matter the size of the job, or the difficulty of the task, every single person on the team is as important as any other. When every team member is respected and appreciated, you have a happy team eager to do their best for the client.

Extreme Plumbing Services is a team. We are a family. We are never in competition. We understand each other's roles within the company and work to support each other and the client.

We believe that if we want happy clients then we must have happy employees. The employees that we have here are the type of people that enjoy our type of work environment and it shows in the level of customer satisfaction that we generate. We promote this type of experience with family and community involvement.

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